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Water – something that you and I simply take for granted. We have it whenever we need it most of the time, except for those occasional power outages, etc. Recently I became aware of an amazing effort by a group of girls to make a difference for the lives of many – specifically the lives of children.

Unsa and Beenish are two awesome girls who have been responsible, along with approximately 18 others, for coordinating a campaign to bring awareness to the need for clean drinking water for children whose lives where devastated by the floods in Pakistan. When I learned of this, I knew that it had the elements of the exact kind of thing I believe in and aspire to – youth seeking to make an impact in the world & a cause that focuses on children. When these two girls asked me if I would donate a design for a silent auction they were organizing, I was in!

Now, the interesting thing about this is that I had 3 days to design a dress, produce it and get it to the auction location! I was just wrapping up two new bridal designs that had to be complete in order to meet some ad deadlines I had by weeks end. This involved a photo shoot of the designs, ad layout and now a new design to complete. But, like I have said before, I am determined! After discussions with my seamstress “Zuzzie,” we new we could make it happen & provide a design that would be both meaningful & representative of Designs By Malyse. The following is the display signage that went along with the dress for the auction:

Designs By Malyse is proud to be a part of such a worthy cause. It is a company that has been founded on the principle of always giving back to our world and local community in ways that will make a difference in the lives of others – especially the lives of children.

“My designs are the KEYS that open up possibilities for others.”


This design was created to represent the issue that this event is for – relief for Pakistan flood victims in an effort to provide fresh drinking water for children. The fabric was chosen because of the underlying brown tones- representing the brown flood waters that have devastated the lives of so many. From those undertones a beautiful green color with hints of blue emerges– representing water and life. It demonstrates that even in the midst of tragedy, beautiful things happen – the efforts to bring about good and the fresh water that those efforts will supply. The fabric texture symbolizes the waters movement – concluding that when we all work together, we create a movement of change in the lives of others.

Unsa & Beenish with me at the event


“Water” raised a fabulous amount! The auction featured so much talent, all donated items by very talented girls from my school, GPS, and others who saw a need and answered the call. Together, all of the combined efforts of some amazing girls raised over $9000!! It is totally awesome to be a part of something that is doing so much good for so many!

If you would like to send a donation, please make the check out to UNICEF and mail to GPS  Attention:
Headmaster’s Office  205 Island Avenue, Chattanooga TN 37405.

Always remember – when you see a need, give of yourself and provide an opportunity for others!


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