The Light

Posted on March 2nd, 2012 in Behind The Designer

It’s so interesting how each week is so different. After getting back from NY I’ve been busy organizing ideas, materials purchased and you get the picture. In addition to all that, I have been busy working on studies so I can work on more of my work. 🙂 Yes, for all those wondering, my days are not all about chilling out and letting those creative juices flow. First it’s this

Geometry 🙂

and then it’s



and let the inspirations come.

I had the wonderful opportunity this week to spend time with someone who has been such an inspiration to me in more ways then she knows. We met face to face for the first time this week and it was like we had always known each other. I am blessed to have great ladies in my life that are powerful life mentors. I have come to believe that I am being surrounded by many angels. They are there to lift me when I need it, carry me when my legs are heavy, speak words that touch my soul and protect me when walls are trying to fall. It’s amazing! I am learning to listen to words of wisdom, share myself in ways that I can touch others while pursuing my dreams and take in all this goodness that surrounds me. This is one incredible journey!

During this meeting, this incredible lady shared a most amazing book with me. She hadn’t intended on giving it to me, but during the course of our conversation it spoke to her heart that she needed to give it to me. Wow, is all I can say! This book is so awesome that I read it in 12 hours…cover to cover! I recommend it to everyone:


Simply life changing! Sooooo inspiring!

Somethings that I’ve been trying to figure out came into focus this week. This led to a change of course for a few things and a green light for others. It’s pretty amazing to see things come together in such ways .

In the midst of all this I was in awe of new life and the preciousness of small things. Meet Bryce Michael:

My 2nd cousin. He is so cute and the calmest baby I think I’ve ever seen. Born 2/28/12. Love him!

Thursday was a good day this week too. I had the opportunity to go hear an amazing artist speak about her work and inspiration. It was at Hunter Happens and the artist was Karen LaMonte. She was phenomenal to hear.

These are her words that spoke to me:

  • When my mind fills with inspiration and new things that I’ve learned, I feel it will burst if I don’t let it out creatively
  • I have OCD – I strive for perfection, but have learned to highlight imperfections in a beautiful way

When I personally spoke with her this is what she shared:

  • It’s great to not always know exactly what you are doing, because you can have fun with what you are doing and you create the rules
  • Often your creative mistakes become the most beautiful works of art
  • Fashion designing is so much about sculpting & this is what brings the design to life – great that you already understand that

I have to say that Karen was inspirational because of her incredible work, but also because of her personal repoire. She was very approachable and eager to share her experiences, both good and bad, to truly reflect on her art. To say that when a piece has a flaw and she has learned to highlight them (literally) because it represents our humanism was so refreshing. I soaked up all she spoke about.

At the end of her comments she was asked the question as to whether she goes through a period of lowness when a piece breaks & she has to start over. I loved her response.

“No, I just have a moment of I can’t believe that just happened and I pick up the pieces and work on putting them back together in a beautiful way. I don’t let depression set in & keep me down over it happening. I just get up & move on.”

Great words to live by I think. Positive spirit. When seeing the images of her work & seeing her piece at the Hunter,

they radiate a light that is awe inspiring. This can be said in her work and her words. What a light she was to me…she spoke to me powerfully.

Thank you to Laney and her adorable boys, Joseph & Polk, for sharing this great artist with me.

Joseph with me & The Glass Dress

The Glass Dress is Polk’s favorite piece of art when he visits the Hunter (But I’m with Joseph in the pic who also likes art). He knows it well. And, I have to wonder if his child’s eye sees something in it that many may miss…the light.

As I look back over my week, I have had a lot of light shining on me this week. 🙂 As the sun was shining at my house, I watched the awful storms hit Ooltewah…I am thankful for protection and prayers are with those affected by the storm.


Talk to you all soon!





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  1. Avatar March 2nd, 2012 at 7:25 pm Sharon Robberson-Luke Says:

    I get Jon Gordon’s newsletter – he is really a great motivator and positive thinking person. So glad you got his new book. I actually recommended him as a speaker to your dad about a year or so ago – he’s a very busy speaker.
    Wishing you the best as your life continues to unfold. So happy you are opening up to lots of new experiences and people! Fun to read on your blog!
    Happy Sabbath!

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