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Posted on February 4th, 2012 in Behind The Designer

A picture speaks a thousand words…or so they say.



I had the opportunity to meet with some absolutely awesome people this week! Always looking to provide my clients with the highest level of quality in my designs, I had been on the search for some products that I can incorporate into my designs to set me apart from the rest. Sometimes you can search and search for that one thing and you just have to sit back, take a breath and let it go until you come across it. That is where I was at with my search.

It was out of the blue that I got an email from a company that had read about me and Designs By Malyse. They had read about how I keep my vendors local, regional and USA based. Wouldn’t you know it…it was a company that produces the very item I had been searching for!! I remember getting the email last week and my mom and I just looked at each other and said, “It’s happening again!” You see, that is what has happened to me from the very inception of my company. When I least expect it these “AWE MOMENTS” happen. It has happened over & over again!



I had the privilege this week of visiting the company and having a very hands on experience with its production and you name it I saw it. There is nothing like learning about something from the inside out! Amazing! What was even more amazing was the reception that I received from each person within this organization. They all are fantastic and a real family that takes pride in their work and demonstrate a work ethic that is rare to find these days.


Attention to details is so important as a designer. As I sat down to speak with these fine individuals, I was looking forward to discussing my product line and learning about theirs. I did learn about that and more, but it was when a gentleman returned with a drink for each person at the conference table that  I realized I was in the midst of  individuals with a true sense of quality and detail. He brought everyone a refreshing bottle of water, but for me he sat down a bottle of root beer.


The 1000 word picture!


Now you may be asking yourself, “What’s the big deal about root beer?” Well, root beer has a special place in my life and anyone who “knows” my story would know that it is such a love of mine that I designed a dress after root beer and the “FIZZ” factor. 🙂 I have to tell you that I sat there for a moment in silence, or I should say disbelief. Could it be? My mom had picked up on it immediately, as well, and recommended I explain its significance so everyone would understand. So, I did just that. The part that blew me away was to know that this gentleman had done his research prior to my visit. This is a fact that was written about in an article last year and one would only know that if they had read it. He had combed my website to learn about “this young designer” so that he would truly understand the customer when he sat down to discuss my needs and so on. IMPRESSIVE! What is even more impressive is that everyone in this company had done the same thing. They understood me the customer.

The things I learned this week are to pay attention to the details and have a level of customer service that sets you apart from the rest. Know your clients on a personal level…connect with them. Know about the products that go into creating each one of my designs on a very deep level…put my hands on them, understand how they are crafted. Work with vendors who share like mission statements for their companies and this will insure that my final product reflects that in every way. Treasure the new contacts that come into your life because there is always a reason for them becoming a part of it!

Oh, and by-the-way, I will be keeping that bottle of root beer as a reminder that it is ALWAYS about the details!

My shout outs go to those who have taught me things that came shining through this week:

Mr. Vey – for those history classes last year! 🙂 Because of the in depth class discussions last year, I found myself in the midst of a business discussion about post-World War II and our current economic situation and how I see my company in a way that sets it apart from many in that I plan to keep my work here in the USA and utilize the capable work force that is here to complete the job (Sorry for the run on sentence Ms. Williams, but there is no other way to write what is said in one breath 🙂 ). Wow!  Thanks Mr. Vey!

Ms. Pala – for the awesome tech classes and all the video creation work we did last year. I have used it many times this week and it has come in handy when planning & discussing website updates that are coming soon! Thank you!!

Chinese Class – Ms. Xu – It was so amazing to use the past few years worth of classes as I read characters on product boxes & machine equipment and I understood it all!

  • Anina & Katherine- your awesome!!! I miss you both so much!!!

Great week and many more wonderful things to come!



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