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Wow! A lot has been happening since May and I am excited to show you the progress of the future home for Designs By Malsye. I have been busy, busy, busy with the studio, art projects and more awesome things to come! So, please enjoy the sneak peek pictures that tell the story of what I’ve been up to for the past month.









Electrical work 🙂


New lights, new look…


Message board creation for to do lists 🙂


Fun colors for making old to new!


All this work needs lots of helpers & I have the best peeps in the world!!! Awesome friends!!!!


Help extraordinaire!


Shopping local…making old new again!




We have tools & know how to use them! 🙂


Who says teens can’t get things done! Speaking of doing things, a big focus lately has been on the creation of ART 4 A CAUSE. This is the art studio part of my designing that is making use of all those scraps that I just couldn’t throw out! I have been having a blast creating original works of art with all the proceeds going to the charities I support. This past week I had my first silent auction thanks to Miss Myra Brown Dooley & her Role Models Camp. It was incredible for these works of art auctioned to the highest bidder with all proceeds going to SHOCKS CAUSE. This is direct support for the Chattanooga Community Kitchen and I’m thrilled to bring further support for this great cause. Myra’s Role Models will be having a silent auction every week through July. Thanks to those who have already supported Art 4 A CAUSE! Here are some pics of my behind the scenes work to create these original pieces.


Art in Motion


Dress art


Word Art


Can’t wait to share with you soon what is ahead! More good things happening…will share soon!!! Stay tuned. 🙂





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