Simple Thank You’s

Posted on September 28th, 2011 in Be The Difference

It’s those moments that we least expect that make the greatest impact on our lives. I had one of those moments yesterday. It had been a busy day at school and a much anticipated moment to meet some pretty cool people fell through at the last minute. So, on the way home I was a little bummed out inside. My mom and I were talking about school, life and the things that really matter at the end of the day. I turned my iPod on to listen to a favorite tune before I arrived home to begin my homework. 🙂

As we pulled up in front of our home, my mom stopped at the mailbox to check the mail. A small box was inside and I really didn’t give it a second thought. That is until she sat it down beside me and I glanced at the address:



I perked up and immediately tears welled up in my eyes. My mom was asking what was wrong. I told her nothing was wrong, but I knew what that was and I couldn’t believe that they had sent me something back! I certainly didn’t expect anything back!

Seeing that I was emotionally touched by this box, my mom handed it to me and followed me inside. I sat down and started to open it up.

Inside I found a typed letter that read as follows:

Dear Madison:

Thank you very much for the letter and poster you made for us. My name is Peter and I am the Captain of an Emergency Medical Service Ambulance Station in Queens, NY. I and many of the people who work here had spent a lot of time at Ground Zero and working “The Pile” 10 years ago. I know you were only 4 years old when this tragedy struck our Nation, but it makes me and my fellow rescuers feel better knowing that people still care and that we are not forgotten.

Thank you again. Your poster will be hanging in my office for a long time to come.


Captain Peter A. Sennart

Commanding Officer

EMS Station 50


p.s. I’ve packed some items from work that I thought you might like to show around.


Inside the box I pulled out two badges

a key chain

and a t-shirt

On the Friday before 9/11, I had made a poster thanking those from the station for their heroism on that unforgettable day. (The memory of that day for me I recently wrote about in my “Remembering” blog.) I had enclosed a letter that expressed my personal thanks and memories. I had wanted them to know that on the 10th Anniversary of this tragedy, the hope that they brought to those they helped was something that I recognized and the lives that were sacrificed to save others will not be forgotten. I had overnighted the poster & letter so that it would arrive by Sunday, 9/11.

I have been blessed to have many great teachers in life and Mrs. Mines is no exception. She had shared the story of Station 50 with our school and shared the address if we wanted to personally contact them. They were first responders to 9/11 and lost members of this station that day. The story struck a cord with me as I felt compelled to say thank you to total strangers, yet to those that I had this sense of personal connection – we all share in the memories of that day, in some way.

So, never did I expect my simple thank you to be reciprocated with a thank you that came on a day and at a moment when I needed a lift! 🙂 It just goes to show me that simple Thank Yous have a way of touching us all in deep and meaningful ways. It reminded me what my real purpose in life is – to “be the difference” in the lives of others – no matter how simple that may seem to be.


Be the difference for someone.

I plan to visit Station 50 when I am in NYC.


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