Reach for the Stars

Posted on January 27th, 2012 in Home page (right column),Key Moments

This week was spent meeting with some clients, arranging onsite tours with local manufacturers, school studies, NYC trip plans and reflections on my vision for Designs By Malyse.  Each day, no matter where I’ve been or what I’m doing, my purpose has continued to shine brighter and brighter.



That’s the way my week started off on Sunday. I met with a client and we had a wonderful in depth conversation about life and finding one’s true purpose while following your dreams. Great to connect with those you are designing for in such a meaningful way.


It was after getting home from that meeting that I had an email waiting that would echo the words of my previous conversation even more. As I sat reading the message tears welled up and were falling down my cheeks. My mom and sister were looking at me like “what is going on?” I expressed my overwhelming amazement of how yet once again I am in awe of what my designing has blessed me with.


The message was a dad inquiring about the possibility of me meeting his daughter who would love to talk with me about my design work. I was speechless and humbled by the opportunity to share how my dreams are coming true by designing and in turn touching the lives of others. And here my life was being touched by this sweet girl who wanted to learn more about it. Needless to say I was thrilled to arrange the meeting.


So, on Tuesday I had the privilege of meeting Miss Kali Cromie. When she walked in she was bundled in her coat with something black in her arms. It was an instant connection and I would soon learn why. After exchanging introductions with her great family, we rounded the corner to an area where I had one of my new designs on a mannequin for her to see. She started to chat with me and I began to learn more about this precious girl and the black “something” in her arms. It was a dress…a dress that she herself had designed…at age 10 I might add…and she proceeded to explain how she had made it and what her inspiration was and everything! AMAZING!! I was blown away.


Kali holding her design


Here I was meeting a budding young designer and it was awesome to talk about the design process, my beginnings with sewing, hand stitching, how to work with different types of fabric and more.


I asked Kali how she had come to know about me. Her dad told me that she had been following my story ever since he had brought my business card home to show her and her sister Hayden. As it turns out, late last summer I had met him while at an event that I attended to promote my designs. It all was coming full circle (I believe there is always a reason for meeting people that we may not know until sometime later). Now, how exciting to hear about how my story was being an inspiration to Kali and what she aspires to become – amazing moment!



It was so much fun to talk about designing and show her other designs that I had brought.


Showing Kali a jean skirt I designed with my Malyse logo on the pocket


Our meeting engagement had been brought about by the fact that the next day, Kali would be presenting to her class a report on someone that was a “local hero” to her. Talk about being humbled! Kali, you are precious and I am just grateful that my talent and experience have been inspiring to you. Designing is great, but my purpose in all of it has always been to touch the lives of others in some way. Kali proved that to me at that moment. If I don’t design another dress it has all been worth it and I have fulfilled my purpose knowing that this sweet girl has learned to believe in who she is and to follow her dreams!



I showed Kali my dress tag. The key that is on each one represents how each design sold provides KEYS of opportunities to others by a percentage of the sales being given to my charities. She got to learn about my launch and how SHOCKS CAUSE was the focus of that wonderful night. It was a great opportunity for me to share how I use my talents for a much greater purpose while still following my dreams.


  It was so much fun to get to know her family. Her beautiful sister Hayden is a dancer and loves ballet. She too will be fabulous at pursuing her dreams and talents I have no doubt. I asked if they had questions for me and Kali had one.


“How exactly do you pronounce your design name and where did that name come from?”


Great question Kali! Malyse is pronounced (m-leece). My middle name is Alyse so, I combined M from my first name with my middle name to create MALYSE.


As I reflect on this wonderful time with Kali, I am reminded of how much of a difference we each can make in someones life. For me, these moments are what my designing is all about – inspiring an inner confidence that reflects one’s true inner beauty so they can boldly follow their dreams. I am so grateful that my path has led me to Kali and her family. She is going to do great things with her creative talents and I can’t wait to watch her grow in them. What a great dad you have Kali who arranged our fun surprise time together! I will treasure it as much as I hope you do. 🙂


Marc Cromie (dad), me, Kali & Hayden (sister)


My message for Kali, Hayden and everyone else out there…reach for the stars and follow your dreams…great things will happen and you too can be an inspiration to someone else!




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  2. Avatar February 5th, 2012 at 10:20 am Holt Webb Says:

    That little Kali is something else, isn’t she? And you’re only 14? Wow. Great designer, skilled writer, appreciative of your gifts… I’m impressed by the both of you.

    I’m glad to see my little buddy has a “local hero”. 🙂

    By the way, you’re doing a great job with this blog. This is my first time reading it, but I’m impressed by your style, your talents, your dedication and your determination. I’ll be looking for you on the Red Carpet soon!

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