Posted on August 26th, 2011 in Key Moments

All the weeks and months of planning for my debut launch never could have prepared me for the response you gave me! Words can’t express how overwhelmed I was to walk down those stairs to a full house that embraced me and my form of art – fashion designing. The biggest compliment you gave me were the reactions and comments to those designs I have spents months preparing and perfecting.

Your outpouring of enthusiasm and support have just been amazing! Thank you everyone! 🙂

Thanks Grafe!


True beauty 🙂 Absolutely precious!

Let's start the show!

You go girl! 🙂 Confident, Bold...Beautiful

Grace & elegance

Walking the catwalk

"At Last" - the Picasso

Say what??? Leo, you didn't!

Encore Celebration & me


Thank you!! More to come of Naturally Collection 2012….



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