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Posted on October 14th, 2011 in Behind The Designer

This summer I had an amazing opportunity to experience a part of the world that I have spent years reading about – England. What was even more amazing is that I had just watched the wedding of my lifetime – Will & Kate – as millions of others did. I was so excited to see the very location of where that historic moment took place. I had the opportunity to not only see Westminster Abby, but I was one of the first to have the awesome opportunity to see THE DRESS…and it was amazing!

Kate Middleton's dress

That moment of seeing Kate’s dress truly brought to life the fairytale dreams of getting married that little girls dream of. The At Last Bridal Collection 2012 is a collection that reflects many of those dreams – the magical day walking down the isle to “prince charming” and living happily ever after. For me, I’ve always known the song that will play for my moment of meeting my own “prince charming” at the end of the isle – “At Last.” That is why I chose it for my launch back in August – it played for the finale dress, The Picasso, as I gave attendees a preview of my At Last Bridal Collection 2012. This collection is about taking classic designs and placing a modern twist on each of them, that is seen with the Picasso. It is also about the use of fabric, texture and sculpting – as I do with all my designs.

The Picasso

The months of planning, selecting fabrics, tweaking designs and seeing them come to life have been worth it. Couture New York Bridal Fashion Week has arrived and the Intercontinental Barclay is all abuzz. Designers from everywhere have converged in New York City to display their design talents and I’m one of them!!! I can hardly believe it – “At Last!”

One year ago I found myself in New York City experiencing Bridal Fashion Week. That was a memorable time that has set me on the path I find myself now. After meeting with Couture Show director, Jane Hefflin, I knew what I needed to do to be ready for this moment.

The Marilyn is made from a soft and flowing striped silk chiffon that overlays an ivory silk forming the base and bodice of the dress. It is my take on a classic design that has a modern twist for the bride today. The hem is irregular and flows with an amazing movement as the bride walks in it. The back is open to the empire waist with a halter neckline. The striped chiffon and the length give it that modern twist that I try and bring to my designs.

Striped silk chiffon

The Juliet is a fun design with the fabric texture being the signature feature. With its cantilever hemline that graces the floor and the open cut back, this design is hip, modern and for the bride who seeks uniqueness for her special day. The gown is lined with a beautiful soft blue silk for the “something blue” element to complete the day. I just love the movement that the feather cut fabric brings to this dress and how it is bold in style. It is for the confident, bold and adventurous bride who is romantically in love with her prince charming.

The Juliet

The Myra is a design that I have had on my sketch pad for some time now. To see it come to life has been very rewarding. I began looking for the fabric and elements for it last October while in NY for Bridal Fashion Week. Sometimes a design takes many months to come together while others may only take me a few minutes. This one had to be just right. I knew the basic design early on, a mermaid style design, but it had to have a bold element with a classic twist. Dupioni silk creates the base design. The neckline is scooped with just across the shoulder sleeves. The dress has a classic fit that transitions just above the knee to cascade out into a sea of bold flowers over a 3 foot train. The flowers are each custom designed from the Dupioni silk, tulle and soft blue silk sculpted centers. Each flower center is completed with an oval Swarovski crystal, adding that little sparkle to that special moment. This design can be converted into an above the knee cocktail dress for the reception with the bold flower design remaining around the hemline of the dress.

The Myra - full reveal soon!

Watch for full picture details from the show and these designs. The show ends on Monday, October 17, 2012. I can’t wait to share all the pics with you. The Picasso has stayed in Chattanooga and will be on display next Wednesday, October 19, 2012 at GPS for the Retired Faculty Luncheon.

At this moment, what I most want to say to others out there is – believe in your dreams and they will come true! Go after what you are passionate about and great things will happen!! 🙂 Talk to you soon!!!



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