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Posted on September 11th, 2013 in Home page (right column),In The Know

What drives you? What is your passion? When one comes to realize the very thing that brings them their greatest joy, they will far exceed their own expectations of fulfillment. For me, it’s designing! 🙂 For those of you who have followed me on Facebook, you have an idea of what has driven me over the past year. I have lived a pretty insane life, but one that has brought me my greatest joys, challenges, and growth as a designer and as a student.

Yes, for those who may have forgotten, I am still a teenager…at 16! Getting my driving license was a HUGE milestone! 🙂 Along, with those normal teenage things came my academics. Mine have been atypical…after all, why would I have it any other way?! This past year I not only renovated my studio, focused on designing and debuted casual wear, but I also completed my sophomore & junior years of high school! Again, when one is driven by their passion they can accomplish most anything.

The school year of 2012-2013 was an insane focus on academics and creating a studio space that could be a place to let my creative work soar. Renovation work was so inspiring and yet another way to have a creative outlet. It all came in the form of custom designed lighting, furniture, display finishes,

and a space to accommodate my need for a multipurpose studio. Not only do I design in it,

but it’s functionally designed for production and events. My collections will hit the runway right in my studio with a 90+ foot runway!  Because I have taken the time to carefully lay it out to serve my design needs in many ways, it truly has become a studio space that I can make it all happen in.

April 2013 found me opening the studio for by appointment only.

It works great for my insane schedule of design and academics. For me to have a space that I can organize my work and meet with clients has been helpful beyond words. It has freed my mind to create and study.

So, back to the academics. While most students were getting out of school for summer break, summer found me continuing on with my schoolwork. Yes, it was an insane summer and challenged me to the extreme! However, the reward at the end…one week before school started back…to officially be a senior!!!!…that was a moment that I’ll never forget! All the late nights, pushing the keyboard to overheating levels from paper after paper and more…I DID IT and I would not change one bit of it for anything!!! Challenging, absolutely! Insane, you bet! But, the sense of accomplishment to complete a monumental goal in the midst of growing a business in the direction you want it to go has been priceless!

My days are now filled with academics again…Senior year is awesome!…and I am enjoying the full senior experience by being at Girl’s Preparatory School.

My amazing "Rat" being the "Cat" (mentor for my 6th grader)

They are also filled with designing my next collection, planning window displays (first one coming soon!!!), photo shoots,

NYC fabric shopping trips,

My favorite lady in NYC - Ms. Jay!


meeting with clients and all the things that I love about designing.

Soaking up inspiration every chance I could get along the way was critical to my creativity.

Monet at the MoMA


Insane for some…for me…all inspiring and fulfilling! 🙂

I can’t wait to get my next collection on the runway for you to see and bring you inside my world of design for my first studio open house. The place that this past year has brought me, on so many levels, leaves me speechless, humbled, and thankful to my team of support that surround me everyday

with words of encouragement, never ending cheer-leading, and so much more. You each know who you are and I would not be here today looking back on all that has happened in my life without you…especially this past year. Love you all!

More to come!!!


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