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I have to share with you an amazing experience I had while in NYC last weekend! I have to say it was great to see my gown on display for the WeddingChannel Couture Show, complete with pink accent lighting (how did they know my signature color?) 🙂 ,

InterContinental Barclay NYC

but there was something even more awesome that I had the opportunity to be a part of. My parents have always taught me to look for those moments when you can make a difference for someone. They might be small things like opening a door or sharing a smile. Sometimes you might find that you can do something even bigger. So, when I learned of an event that was going to occur on Saturday evening, in Manhattan, and it was to help others, my mom & I just knew we needed to be there.

We found ourselves at the Church of the Advent Hope in Upper Manhattan on a beautiful spring Saturday evening. The temperature was perfect as our taxi pulled up to this quaint, stone church. As we got out, the large wooden doors were wide open & I could see candles flickering inside. Two ladies warmly greeted us and gave us a card that told about the program. As we walked into the chapel area,

we were met with the sounds of people visiting & musicians finishing their last minute tuning. We found our seat midway up on the side. We were about to experience the sounds of the Tsunami Relief Benefit Concert – HOPE FOR JAPAN.

Hope for Japan

For the next two hours, we listened to some amazing musical artists who were giving of their time & talents to benefit the people of Japan. It was totally awesome! Not only were the musicians incredible, but knowing that each person there was giving a part of themselves to make a big impact was the best feeling of all.

The concert highlight was when the Vongku Pak Drumming Troupe performed native cultural pieces. HOPE FOR JAPAN

To see these Japanese people, here in America, doing what they could to help their fellow Japanese brothers & sisters made me have goose bumps. We all can make a difference in some way.






The proceeds from the concert went to ADRA – Adventist Development & Relief Agency. ADRA is a global non-governmental organization providing sustainable community development and disaster relief without regard to political or religious association, age, gender, race or ethnicity. ADRA has had a presence in Japan since the early eighties, provided assistance for many things. So, when this disaster struck, because of their close relationship with the Japanese government, ADRA was on the scene within a few hours providing humanitarian aide & assistance. Coordinating with local governmental authorities, ADRA has been appointed to support an evacuation center in Wakabayashi ward located in Sendai City of the Miyagi prefecture. This center is currently housing approximately 1,300 displaced persons of which 350 are receiving 24-hour care. In addition, the Japanese government has just assigned 5 relief shelters to ADRA for managing. These shelters will provide long-term aide to thousands.

I can’t even begin to comprehend the magnitude of what has occurred in Japan. However, I know that if we all do our small part we can make a difference that will multiple. The hardest part of the Tsunami effects are ahead. After a disaster strikes, a lot of attention is placed on the events at that moment. As the weeks go by, it’s easy to forget that help is still needed. Japan needs us now too! This link will take you to ADRA where you can give for the people of Japan.


You can also go to ADRA:
Online: www.adra.org
Phone: 1.800.424.ADRA (2372)

Give of yourself for someone in need!

I have thought a lot about how it is that I can make a difference for Japan. Not only me, but so many others close to me also. Some ideas didn’t work out, but one thing is for sure – I can do something to make a difference. It doesn’t have to be BIG. It can be small, but do something I must! It can start now by making a donation to relieve the unimaginable situation that thousands in Japan find themselves in. I’ll keep thinking & working on other ideas, but for now – today – I can start here. Join me in doing what we each can do – Be The Difference!


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