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Posted on March 1st, 2012 in Behind The Designer


Sunday proved to be a great day in NYC. Continuing my search for detail elements for custom designs and my next collection, I found all I was looking for & more.

So much inspiration in all the amazing choices…the possibilities are endless!

After several hours of “shopping” I found myself back at Chelsea Market. My sister & I had found several great finds at Anthropology and were back to pick them up. We were treated with exceptional customer service & Michael was gracious enough to allow us to snap a pic with him.

Love his style sense and “Thanks Michael for your assistance with our selections.!” Love your shoes!! If your in NY & at Anthropology, be sure and ask for him to assist you.

With our bags in hand we headed back to the hotel to catch the Grammy’s. Our family loves music so, it was a fun evening. Adelle nailed it with her comeback performance! I love her authenticity and how she stays true to who she is.


As Monday started, it was already destined to be a great day. I had a couple of stops to make for notions and supplies. That complete, my mom & I headed to Madison Square Garden’s to meet up with my dad & sister and friends for the Westminster toy breed judging.

Our toy poodle, DeBrock’s Avra on 48th, was scheduled to be in the ring starting at 1p. We sat mid-way up in the theatre seats to take in the show and get some pics.With the air filled with excitement and anticipation we were ready to burst when she took an Award of Merit! Avra was my “puppy responsibility” as she grew up before going to be shown with our handler Chelsea Paul. It was awesome to see her in the ring at the Garden and take the honorable Award. Way to go Chelsea & congrats dad! For those dog fans out there, check out this link to watch the show (Chelsea is in cream & wearing pearls).

DeBrock’s Avra On 48th

Wow! What a great day! We all celebrated at Avra’s namesake – Avra on 48th. 🙂

After a delicious dinner with Ms. Catherine & Ms. Carol, we headed back to the Garden for Westminster live. Fun night!

Off to bed & ready for day 6.


I know that I should have been worn out from walking the Fashion District…NOT!! 🙂 Never enough time to see it all. Tuesday found me on the search for fabric for tradeshow booths & backdrops for stages for some good friends.

Mr. Brad, photographer extraordinaire & Ms. Myra, roles model camp director, are incredible people in my life & it was fun to find just what they needed. While looking for these fabrics I met a family who we will be contracting with for production needs. Great day and fabulous contacts!

This day really helped me see how many opportunities I had to network and connect with talented individuals. A good feeling to know that when you need to meet just the right person it happens. I am so blessed to have Someone who is carving my path and helping me follow it!

But, the highlight of my trip…I had already had so many…how could I have more?… was connecting up with my wonderful friends Ash & Jake. With tight schedules for both of us (they were just a couple of days away from departing for India) my mom and I had a perfect visit with this dear couple.


Their focus on their path of purpose has been very inspiring to me. Using talents to change the world and lives of others is what it’s all about! Follow my Facebook to keep up with their travels throughout India through mid-March. I can’t wait to see the impact Dirt Floors Stone Walls will make on so many lives. So glad to be a part of it.

A special thanks to Alex “the man” for getting us to Brooklyn & back for dinner and the show in record time!

Day 6 concluded with a perfect Valentine’s Dinner at Marsaille’s – unbelievable French cuisine – and on to Best In Show at Westminster.

Perfect day, Day 6!

Day 7

I have learned over and over on this journey that there are reasons why I meet people and circumstances happen like they do. They are “awe moments” I call them because they keep me in AWE of the unquestionable things that are not just coincidental. Reminders of a bigger plan and purpose.

Day 7 started with an unexpected meeting with let’s just say a potential “action” project. My hour long conversation allowed me to express my convictions on points and state how I will always be who I am regardless of what inticing opportunities present themselves. I place this “project” in the hands of the One who has led me this far and will continue to. He will reveal its true purpose in time I know. Unexpected meeting…unexpected opportunities…unexpected journey! All resulting from that unexpected New York Times article 1 year ago.

Little did I know that the unexpected wasn’t over. My family & I arrived at the airport and made it to our gate for boarding. Waiting for my zone to be called, I was getting my things all together so I could get seated and work on some reading. Our seats were scattered so I found myself towards the rear of the plane. But, as soon as I sat down the search was going on my phone. Had I just seen who I thought? Fan of The Help, I realized that I had just followed “Stewart” onto the plane – Chris Lowell

chris lowell (actor)

Okay, I’m 14 and “Star Moments” are kind of a big deal!! Let’s just say it wasn’t only me…the whole plane was a buzz. I might add that he was in coach seating and quite polite and shy about the attention…awwwwe, nice guy! 🙂 Contrast to his on screen character. Refreshing to see modesty in spite of stardom. Fun moment to end my amazing trip to NY!

But, my expereince wasn’t over yet. Remember I had planned to read? Well, I wouldn’t have thought of reading after I began talking to the most adorable lady sitting next to me. Crazy how things just present themselves. Great conversation with Sandy from a New York shoe company. Next runway show…awesome shoes you will see too made from the finest Italian leather!!! Unbelievable conversation and contact. How does this kind of thing keep happening to me? I know that I am on a journey that I am only beginning to understand and see. I can’t wait to see it all in the right time.

Back home, brief rest and now moving forward with all these great happenings! I am so blessed…stay tuned! 🙂





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