Couture Show 2011 – Scene 3

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First, I have to say that it still blows my mind to realize that my design label – Designs By Malyse – was part of the Couture Bridal Fashion Week in NYC! As I look at these photos that I’m sharing with you, it’s surreal to me that I see my designs there. I have been so blessed and I know that my path ahead is full of endless possibilities.

The tour of the show is coming to it’s final location. So, without further adieu, My At Last Collection:


The MYRA is a silk gown covered in a field of dramatic custom flowers with gorgeous pale blue centers and Swarovski detailing. Tulle adds another layer of dimension to these bold flowers as they cascade down, mermaid style, over a 4 foot train. Keep it long or short for your special day.

My inspiration for this design is Miss Myra. She has been my summer Role Models camp teacher and I will forever be grateful for her passion to provide an environment for girls that teaches character building and being who you are. She demonstrates such grace and poise with anything that life brings her way and that has been such an inspiration to me. She gets me and understands me better than I do myself sometimes. ūüôā



This next gown is one that I have had in my portfolio for a long time. It all came together for me when I discovered this amazing striped silk chiffon that I incorporated as an overlay to an ivory silk. The halter neckline completes the design with its irregular flowing hemline. Inspired by the famous poster of that iconic dress, this is my take on a classic design with modern twists. It has been a favorite with customers. The MARYLIN:



“It just fits me so well,” “I love how it feels,” and “I don’t want to take it off,”¬†are the affirmation that this design is one that meets the consumers expectations for a classic, confident and comfortably wearable design that makes a statement.



The last gown in this collection is one that is designed to make a bold statement. It features a cantilever hemline that graces the floor with a pale blue lining making the pearlized features of the gowns textured fabric come to life. It has fabulous movement and with the low cut back with accent pale blue band, it is a gown to be worn with confidence. The JULIET:




This collection and show have been a big step for me and my company. They both have challenged me to reach outside of my comfort zone and do things and create designs that at one point I wasn’t sure that I would do. Now, I know that by continuing to do what I love and what I just find to be in my minds eye, I have much more to achieve and share with you.

So, the new year is just around the corner. I have many new things instore for Designs By Malsye. I can’t wait for you to join me in my future journey as I display this awesome talent that I have been blessed to have.

A special thanks to Jane & Corin from the Couture Show for your mentoring. Your words of direction and encouragement have had a major impact on where I am today. Navigating this industry can be¬†overwhelming¬†at times and you have put me at ease in that process. You always have answers for my questions and don’t hesitate to let me know that you are available when I need to ask them. I thank you for sharing with me what I need to know so that I can be my best at what I am doing.

Many thanks to Jake Murphy for your artistic eye and to you and Ash for your big hearts and warm souls. My prayers and thoughts are with you and the Dirt Floors and Stone Walls Project. I can’t wait to work with you more on this amazing project for these dear kids. Thanks for arranging the shoot.

Photo credits: Matthew Hanlon

To everyone, believe in yourself and pursue those talents that you have a passion for. To the Couture Show 2011!!!



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  1. Avatar January 5th, 2012 at 6:00 pm Patrice Says:

    So fun to look at your creations–they are all so unique and look fun to wear. I used to sew all my own clothes and enjoyed wearing them. I think there are a couple of keepsakes still hanging in my closet. Of course, nothing as dramatic as your bridal or evening dresses, but that all gives me a greater appreciation for what you have done.

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