Couture Show 2011 – Scene 1

Posted on November 11th, 2011 in Events,In The Know

New York, New York…the lights will inspire you and make you feel brand new… Awwwe, how I love New York and it’s inspirations, as I recently shared on my facebook post. It is a place like none other.

This brings me to the Couture New York Bridal Show 2011. The Inter-Continental Barclay Hotel itself is in a fab part of New York – Manhattan between Lexington & 48th. And, when it’s all prepped and ready for the big show it’s just an awesome place to be!

The entrance is stately with the flags blowing in the autumn breeze. The air is crisp and excitement is everywhere. The bellmen are busy unloading arriving guests and exhibitors while also tending to tourist who are staying there as well. The show is about to get underway!

Tourist are busy coming and going as they are in NYC to take in all the sights and sounds. Staying at the IC Barclay is a special treat as most don’t expect to walk in to such an incredible visual experience.

The Couture New York Bridal Fashion Show is an experience that is like none other. When I found myself in NYC for the October 2010 show, it was all very grand and inspirational. It was even overwhelming at times, but a moment that has set me on this path I now find myself.

I remember walking into the hotel to the sight of wedding, cocktail & evening gowns being setup for display. It was just breathtaking and my eyes were filled with amazement. The one thing that stands out in my mind was coming through the lobby doors and my nose being filled with the most beautiful fragrance. At the time I wasn’t sure if it was from the enormous floral arrangements that took center stage in the lobby or something else. After inquiring later during my stay, I found out that the aroma is a signature fragrance to the Inter-Continental Barclay and it greets guests as they arrive – just splendid I say!

One year later, as press, exhibitors, buyers and tourists enter the hotel for the 2011 Couture New York Bridal Fashion week show, they are met with an awesome display of gowns that leave you speechless. Come with me as I take you on a tour of the show – now one year later, with my own label, Designs By Malyse, on display for the world to see!

Welcome to the show!

For this years show, the center display is filled with gowns that hint at a move away from the traditional – a move that I can relate to. Being an atypical designer myself – designing at 14 years old is definitely not the norm in this industry – I approach all my designs from this angle. You have to think outside the box and for me that just seems to be second nature.

Hotel guest and show attendees make their way through the lobby. If you like the art of people watching this is the place to be! You will observe all who are entering this display of art and design talent, glancing, picture taking and doing double takes, as they try and capture in some way what their eyes are beholding.

What else awaits? Scene 2 of the Couture Show 2011 coming soon!


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  1. Avatar November 11th, 2011 at 11:17 pm Darlene Falls Says:

    So beautiful! Elegant and flowing, just like you. Good luck!

    Darlene & Breanna

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