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Posted on February 25th, 2011 in Press News

Wow! Yesterdays events were AMAZING! I know things have totally seemed like they are in fast forward mode – so many awesome things happening! Let’s rewind for a moment. I want to take you back to last November to one of the many “breathless moments” I’ve had.

My mom had picked me up from school & we were having our usual, “How was your day?” talk.

I have to just say here that my mom is amazing! She is a person that I can talk to about anything – she gets me & is always there for me.

But, back to “the moment.” It’s because of the connection we have that I know when something is up. So, when she had let me talk for a bit about the day, etc., etc., she said, “Madison,” & I knew “the something” was coming. “We have received a call & would like to interview you for an article in their 2/25/2011 issue! They want to feature you in the Working In The City section & introduce Chattanooga to your design talents & business.” I was stunned beyond words – that’s happened a lot lately!

On December 6, I found myself in the Panera Bread Logo downtown, waiting for my very first interview. I was somewhat nervous, but my mom gave me these words of advice,

“As you are interviewed, keep in mind what your vision & focus are. If you do that you can answer any question you are asked because you will be speaking from what is inside you.”

I also had called my publicist who shared these great words of advice with me,

“Just be yourself & you’ll do great!”

That’s exactly what I did. When Mrs. Jenni Veal walked in & we quickly located each other, I was immediately at ease. She was much like my own mom with girls of her own. We instantly connected – it was amazing!

For the next 2 1/2 hours, we sat & talked about how this all had started & where it was going. We talked about my goals & how I didn’t want this to just be about making dresses & selling them, but rather I felt it was my opportunity to in someway give other kids & youth an opportunity to dream their dreams also. I talked with her about my “Keys of Opportunities” and how that would always be the vision of my design company. (I will have more to share on that in the future.) We discussed the design process, inspiration for designs, my family and so much more. Needless to say, it was great to get to know her & her writing style is awesome. She listened to me & translated that into an amazing article that I am so anxious for you to read.

As a result of this article, Cityscope needed pictures. This would be their Spring issue and they would love to feature some spring designs of mine. This call came the week before Christmas & they needed to get it finished no later than the week after Christmas! Talk about pressure! Now you are beginning to see why I suddenly was presented the need to design & produce 4 new spring dresses in two weeks! When an opportunity like this comes along, you make it happen!!! I can’t wait for you to see the dresses in print!

Sneak Peek!

Go get the Spring Issue of Cityscope if you don’t already subscribe to it!

The thing that keeps amazing me is the fact that every time I have had a major event like this, I have been on break from school. This time it would be winter break – perfect timing for me to focus on the push to make all this happen. Not only winter break, but the weather leading to NO FINALS WEEK was a “God Thing” for me! TOTALLY, TOTALLY AWESOME!!! I was able to get 4 dresses produced & manage a photo shoot for them all during this time!

On January 3, 2011, I had the opportunity for Med Dement (photographer), along with Cindi Mullinix – Editor-in-Chief & her daughter to come do a photo shoot with me in the place I work best when designing – my room. They were so great to work with & get to know. It was fun to talk dresses and school with Mrs. Mullinix & her daughter & for them to see what it is I do. Med was just snapping away with the camera as we all chatted about designing & I really like how he captured me in a setting that reflects me.

I have been so blessed to have this incredible opportunity! My first interview, first publication coverage and first real chance to express what my dream was…has become…and will be. And, it all happened in my hometown of Chattanooga.


I can’t image a better place to start!


THE BIG REVEAL!!  Take a peek at my homepage for The Big Reveal designs! 


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    Hey Madison! I saw your ‘big reveal’ dresses and they are so amazing!

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