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My break had arrived and it had been long awaited! Thanksgiving Break for me was a time of rest, relaxation, time with family and friends and breathing in the cool refreshing mountain air of one of my favorite places on earth – Montana. My godmother has a favorite word that she will say to us “Chill-ax!” That is what my time in Montana always is, “Chill-ax time.”

Thanksgiving Day views from cabin


Hiking back to a gorgeous falls in the snow was full of photo ops.

My sister McCall and our friend Cierra enjoyed creating our own photo shoot. We had a blast modeling as we each took turns behind the camera. With Cierra’s development skills, here are some of those creative moments.




I always love shopping the local shops – BUY LOCAL made in the USA- and the shop owners all know us as “locals” now. I guess after getting to know them over the past 8 years, and as they like to remind my sister and I,

“We have watched you grow right up,”

it is truely our home away from home.

A favorite store of mine is the Wooly Mammoth Yarn Shop where you will find a fabulous assortment of yarns and knitting/crocheting supplies.


All of their products are the real deal with many of them made from area organic sheep farms that create these amazing textiles.



A restful thing for me, my sister and my mom to do is crochet when we are there. My mom even taught Cierra to take up this fun pastime and she is well on her way to creating a beautiful scarf.

Next to the Wooly Mammoth is an awesome store that you can just picture in the “wild west.” It is the Kootenai (Koot – n ee) House.

Kootenai House

It has everything from antiques, huckleberry candy

Wild Huckleberry Gummi Bears

to furs and locally made furniture. I just love this store and owners Randy & Colleen. Even there adorable dog greets customers as you peruse the store. It was here that I found my fashion find for the winter. It is totally awesome and I will be wearing it in NYC when we are there this winter. I even wore it into the local hardware store – talk about making a bold statement – as well as, the grocery store. It kept the ears toasty warm!

It is just one of those must have items that can be worn as a warm head wrap or neck scarf. Order them online from the Kootenai House/Glacier Wear as they come in a variety of colors. For my signature color, and no they didn’t even know ;), go to this link – PINK.

As my future designs evolve you will see how many of my great inspiration areas have influenced the creation of them.  Whether it be a city or the open wild west, all impact my creativeness in huge ways. I am thankful for the down time to let my creative juices flow and soak up all that is around me. Great things to come from all of that! 🙂

Another totally awesome stop for me is Norms News.

This is an authentic soda fountain shop with out-of-this-world shakes. Huckleberry and strawberry are top on my list. Their sundaes are unbelievable – I suggest the small for a family of four! 😛 Old timey soda bottles and flavors will quench your thirst too.

The store walls are lined with every kind of candy – the old kind – that you can think of. The peach rings and licorice are fab! All of these are great sources of inspiration for me.

Connected to the soda shop is a great western store that I always love to get my “boots” from.


Yes, you read correctly – cowgirl boots!

They have a fab selection. Another great fashion statement to be worn with confidence!

Time with family and good friends

reminded me to treasure the important things in life. I even bumped into my dear mentor and friend – Miss Myra (she’s the real deal too!) – in the airport on my return. All good things to be thankful for!

These are my words to live by…make time for down time or…”chillax” time! Reflect everyday on the things you have to be thankful for. I am trying to do both of these as often as I can! 🙂

Let the world inspire you. I can’t wait for you to discover my design inspirations for my next collection. Your going to be amazed!



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