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My break had arrived and it had been long awaited! Thanksgiving Break for me was a time of rest, relaxation, time with family and friends and breathing in the cool refreshing mountain air of one of my favorite places on earth – Montana. My godmother has a favorite word that she will say to us […]

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It’s here – Bridal Fashion Week!

This summer I had an amazing opportunity to experience a part of the world that I have spent years reading about – England. What was even more amazing is that I had just watched the wedding of my lifetime – Will & Kate – as millions of others did. I was so excited to see […]

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It was a Tuesday morning, that had started out with me, my sister and my mom visiting my grandmother (Nana) at her home in Missouri. The three of us, along with my aunts, uncles and cousins, were preparing a surprise birthday party for her. I won’t say how old she was turning that day as […]

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Busy, Business and Books!

Okay, we all have those times when life is just rushing on by and we are holding on to just keep up right?! That’s me right now. So many amazing things going on like interviews, launch plans and details, studies, May Day

and did I mention 8th grade GRADUATION?!!!

Yes, while it is awesome to have my […]

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