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Simple Thank You’s

It’s those moments that we least expect that make the greatest impact on our lives. I had one of those moments yesterday. It had been a busy day at school and a much anticipated moment to meet some pretty cool people fell through at the last minute. So, on the way home I was a […]

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NY Bridal Fashion Week

It’s right around the corner! The “At Last” bridal collection is nearing completion and ready to hit NY in October!!
PICASSO is one of five bridal gowns that will debut in New York City, October 15-17.

Photography by Jake Murphy
Can’t wait to debut the “At Last” Bridal Collection 2012!

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It was a Tuesday morning, that had started out with me, my sister and my mom visiting my grandmother (Nana) at her home in Missouri. The three of us, along with my aunts, uncles and cousins, were preparing a surprise birthday party for her. I won’t say how old she was turning that day as […]

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And the winner is…!!!

The Naturally Collection Launch has been an awesome experience! It is exciting to share that amazing experience with each of you. Today is the day…iPad2 winner is announced!!!!
First, let me say thank you to DeBrock Poodles for their generous sponsorship of this giveaway. 🙂 They are all about the “Show” expereince and let’s just call […]

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