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My Oscar Red Carpet Winners!

And the winners are…my top 3 best dressed for the 2011 Oscars:

Halle Berry – Loved, loved this dress! So feminine & elegant & she just wore it perfectly with that little touch of bling & sparkle.
Sandra Bullock – The only thing better than the dresses she always wears, is when she will be wearing one […]

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CITYSCOPE!!! Reveal 2

Wow! Yesterdays events were AMAZING! I know things have totally seemed like they are in fast forward mode – so many awesome things happening! Let’s rewind for a moment. I want to take you back to last November to one of the many “breathless moments” I’ve had.
My mom had picked me up from school & we were […]

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The New York Times??? – Reveal 1

“What did you just say?”…”The New York Times?!?!?!?”
This was my reaction of confusion as my mom told me the news!
“The New York Times has asked to interview you,” she replied.

“Your kidding right?” was all I could get out of my mouth.
On February 7, we had received word that the
was requesting an interview with me. Eric […]

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The BIG Reveal – Dress 4

It’s amazing to me how time seems to just fly by. Here I am at Dress #4 and it seems like yesterday that the photo shoot started. I still remember the day of the shoot when just moments before I needed to change into my dress, “Zuzzie”, my totally awesome seamstress walked in with it – […]

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The BIG Reveal – Dress 3

I know you have been anxiously awaiting Dress #3. My posting is later coming because of an awesome trip I just had to New York City! More on that later. Without further adieu, “Dream”.
“Dream” was designed to be classic in structure with gorgeous “artistic” details. It would create a beautiful silhouette of the woman […]

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